Custom Projects

I can make a wide variety of custom stained glass pieces based on anything you like. Below are some examples of custom work I am available to create. If you don't see what you're looking for, fill out the form on the Contact page and request a custom quote!

I'm incredibly easy to work with! Once we get an idea of what you'd like, I'll send you photos of drawings and the stained glass colors for your approval. As the project progresses, I will send you updates for changes or thumbs up. We can work together as much or as little as you like. My mosaics are typically made on under-layment board that is thin, sturdy, and light weight. They are framed in black aluminum if it's a wall-hanging piece, or raw-edged if it's to be installed. I can also make your mosaic on clear glass—I've used antique window frames many times for pieces that will be hung in a window and the effect is a stained glass window.

Contact me for a quote on a custom project! 

Custom Art Glass Mosaic House Numbers

Price range $128 - $250

Personalize your residence with a custom house number that matches the unique style and architecture of your home! It can be any size, any color—you name it, I'll make it.

Custom Day of the Dead Skull Art Glass Mosaic

Price range $400 - $1,500

This wonderful Day of the Dead style animal can be created with any animal and in any size. I can make you a custom Day of Dead Animal or Skull that matches your unique style. It can be any size, any color.

Custom Poem, Quote, or Literary Stained Glass Mosaic

Price range: $250 - $1,500

I can make you a stained glass mosaic of your favorite poem, author quote, or book cover. It can be any size, any colors, and any style, in antique and/or new stained glass.

Custom Kitchen Backsplash Art Glass Mosaic

Price range $300 - $600

I made this mosaic for a chef to put into their kitchen. She wanted something bright and fun with lots of color. We collaborated and came up with something I had a blast making and she loved for her new kitchen!

Custom Stained Glass Mosaic Magazine Cover

Price range $500 - $5,000

I can recreate your favorite film monster, magazine cover, or fan drawing in a one-of-a-kind stained glass mosaic. It can be any size, any colors, any style—in antique and new stained glass.

Custom Art Glass Mosaic Logo

Price range $200 - $700

Immortalize your band or company logo with a custom mosaic! This project was donated to a fundraiser for St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital. It is one of the logos for the band Lucero and was signed by the band.


Price range: $200 - $1,000

This is Meg, a client's Chihuahua portrait I re-created for her in stained glass. I can make you a portrait of your pet, your favorite animal or some fantasy animal that only exists in your mind!

Custom Kitchen or Bathroom Installation

Price range $500 - $10,000

I can create a stunning art glass mosaic installation for your kitchen, patio, bathroom, or any room you'd like to add some pop and color to.