Custom Traditional American Tattoo Yellow Red Blue Rose Stained Glass Mosaic


I can't get enough of traditional American tattoos!

This fun yellow rose is a stained glass mosaic framed in black wood and comes to you ready to hang.

These are example pieces, when you order this rose I will make one specific to you so start thinking of your favorite color!

"The meaning of the rose tattoo can be love, beauty, passion, or emphasize true love. The meaning of the old school rose tattoo is very similar to the Lotus flower tattoo we know from Japanese tattoo designs.
A very essential part of the old school rose tattoo is the color of the rose, which can differ in meaning quite a bit.
For Example:
Red Rose Tattoo: Red roses symbolize love.
Yellow Rose Tattoo: The yellow rose tattoo symbolizes jealousy, devotion, or friendship.
Blue Rose Tattoo: Fantasy and impossibility are the meanings of a blue rose tattoo, since the blue rose does not exist in nature.
Black Rose Tattoo: The meaning of a black rose tattoo is in most cases death.
White Rose Tattoo: The color white symbolizes innocence, purity, or means youth.
Pink Rose Tattoo: The pink rose tattoo means grace and elegance.
Purple Rose Tattoo: The purple rose tattoo means love at first sight."

It measures 6 1/4" square.