About Me

Sequential Glass Art Mosaic is a one gal show out of Rushford, MN. I've been making and installing art glass mosaics for many years. Most of my designs and ideas come from whatever strikes me as fun at the time. I get a lot of inspiration from traditional and ancient motifs throughout the world.

I am also intrigued and delighted by the symbolism of the human body used in cultures throughout history. I find that the familiarity of hands, hearts, eyes, and skulls hold a fascination deep within us all. These symbols of knowledge, spirituality, morality and love draw the viewer inward, my use of them in a light hearted manner also allows the viewer to relax and hopefully smile. 

I love working with people on their projects and am always available to make custom pieces, be they wall hangings or architectural installations. Please contact me for custom work through the contact form.

Thanks for your time and enjoy!

Click here to see all of my creations past and present on Flickr.