Monstrorum Stained Glass Mosaic


This wonderfully detailed stained glass mosaic is based on an illustration in a book written in 1665 by Fortunio Liceti called "De Monstrorum Causis, Natura et Differentiis" (Of the causes of monsters, nature and differences) Containing hundreds of illustrations Liceti drew from folklore, myths, and urban legends of the time and also abnormalities that he had seen such as co-joined twins, hermaphrodites, people with multiple limbs and the like. These fascinating drawings are more medical illustration than freakshow imaginings because they are presented with a academic gravitas that forces one to look at nature as more 'could of' rather than 'should of'.

This stained glass mosaic is made of hundreds of hand cut pieces carefully selected to mimic the hand shading of the original illustration on parchment.

It measures 10"x 13"h and is framed in black aluminum with hanging wire and is ready to adorn your wall.